Feel It, Heal It

Healing is really very simple. Really.

This is not to simplify or trivialise the problems you may be going through. Being ill, broke, experiencing heartbreak, challenging relationships, sometimes all those at once (and I have been there, I assure!)......are not situations we consciously wish upon ourselves.

However, you might have noticed that whether your issues are physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual.......the point at which these breakdowns very often occur when complications and complexity bubble to a head.

Then, notice how at that point, not only do you let go and 'let it all rip", the emotions come flooding through. Relief ensues, even if it is only temporary.

Yet there are those, who cannot get to this point. Issues and stresses build up to a point, but our social conditioning, our own judgements, our fear of looking bad, our need to just get on with the rest of our lives prevent us from releasing it all.

And if you also notice, that sometimes in some cases, talking it out via therapy may not completely resolve the bottlenecks we are in?

What if I tell you that half the battle is won if we just simply pay attention to the emotional charge or build up and let it go first?

Issues almost always manifest as blockage. Very often, this is an energy blockage, or what we call in cranial sacral therapy, an energy cyst will form.

Often this block, can be traced to a belief or a mindset. Digging deeper into such beliefs and releasing or changing them will help to clear root causes of issues. A huge part of my coaching practice feature that. Patience is needed and some time is necessary for the blocks to come off. More of that in future blogs :)

Right now, a quick thorough cleanse, to clear the energy cysts would be useful. Therapies like Cranial Sacral Work, Reiki, Myofascial release, even a good old talk with yourself, will help.

When energy cysts are not dealt with, they will grow and harden. Over time, if the circumstances that led to the crises do not fundamentally change, coupled with stressful environments, poor diets, poor rest......they will calcify both in the physical and spiritual domains. Many immunity issues, such as cancer often begin this way.

Does it not make sense to clear these emotional triggers as soon as they form?

Children seem to intuitively understand this better. When they experience something unpleasant, unhappy, unhealthy, they cry, scream, shout, act out. It's really awful of course, as any parent will tell you. But after 15 minutes, or less.....they seem to be right as rain again.

We can learn from our children. Not to be childish, of course. Or being out of control. We can learn from them not to judge the emotions as they arise, which enables them to release them immediately. Too often, our assessments about how we SHOULD be, hinder the expression of our pent up feelings.

We need to learn from our children the innocence of non-judgment. But our discernment as adults allow us to think, to create the space, and give ourselves permission to feel the feelings, acknowledge them, and release them in safe ways.

What are some ways to do so?

I have found it useful to let it out with a trusted friend, who witnesses my pain.

At times, I find an empty spot at the beach and scream and cry and beat it all out.

Of course, being coached is a fantastic way to let go of all that has built up with someone who will practice accountability with you.

Regularly, I do the Osho Dynamic Series, which is a wonderful way to release it all in stages. Please do check out the following link for more information.

Although I have not checked this out personally, many people recommend the Hoffman Process

Be on the lookout for meet up groups in your part of the world, with structured, safe ways to perform such release work.

There are some precautions to note, though.

As you feel it, to heal it, do ensure that you build in the support to help you make the transition. A trusted, emotionally stable adult should either accompany you as you do your releasing work, or be available for you to speak with to process what has been going on.

As you empty out what does not serve you anymore (and there are those who DO hang on to feelings because their goal may not be to heal! But, more of that in the future), my prayer for you is that you become a clear channel for all that is bright, beautiful, abundant and nourishing for your life.

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